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Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

easy apartment plants

You're getting ready to move into an apartment to start a brand new life for yourself in a new environment. You have a fresh opportunity to craft your own personal perfect oasis. 

Many people are loving the current plant trend, but they may not know how to make plants thrive in an apartment environment. Some people may have never owned a plant at all!

If this sounds like you, don't worry. We're here with a list of the best plants for apartments, so you can start your indoor garden with ease. Read on to learn all about easy plants to care for in your new place.

Best Indoor Plants for Low-Light Apartments

Even if you're used to growing plants in bright and sunny environments, sometimes apartments don't lend themselves to those plants. Don't let low-light spaces dissuade you from using your green thumb!

While you can always use artificial plant lights, there are plenty of plants that are hardy enough to survive in less-than-ideal light conditions. Here are a few of our favorites.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are popular amongst apartment dwellers because they're tolerant of a variety of environments. These low-fuss plants are great for beginners and experienced plant parents alike, and they're widely available at home and garden stores year-round. 

Standard snake plants don't require much light. While they can thrive in sunlight, they're happy enough without it. These plants are easy to over-water, so it's helpful to leave a note to yourself about an appropriate watering schedule.

Two times per month (or when the dirt feels dry for several days) is sufficient.

Bonus: These plants may have air purification qualities. 

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are sturdy little plants that have no interest in light. They thrive in low-light conditions, and direct sunlight can harm them. 

These plants also need little water. You can leave the pot dry for several days before you water again (start with 3-5 days and see how the plant responds). The plants have beautiful green leaves and will spruce up even the drabbest apartment!

Make sure to keep your apartment above 60 degrees if you keep one of these hardy plants. 

ZZ Plant

Many people have never heard of the ZZ plant, but these resilient plants are perfect for low-light apartments. 

These plants are native to East Africa. They love living in low-light conditions, and you only need to water them three to four times per month. These plants don't attract pests. 

Best Plants for Patios

So what if you're lucky enough to have a bright and sunny patio?

As long as the weather stays nice, you have more options when it comes to your plants. While not all plants are ideal for standard patio environments (after all, you don't have enough room for a full garden), there are plenty of resilient plants that will thrive in your outdoor space.

Here are some options for your patio plant collection. 

Herbs and Spices

We can not overstate the amount of satisfaction that you'll feel when you grow your own herbs and use them in your cooking. Sure, you can head to the spice rack, but imagine going to your patio garden, plucking a few leaves, and adding them to your pasta. 

Not all herbs are great for beginners, but they're all easy to start. They thrive well in warm outdoor environments, and you can easily move them to your kitchen windowsill when the weather isn't ideal. 

Herbs vary in their water and sunlight needs, but they never need a lot of space. They're perfect for a narrow stand or shelf on your patio. Some of the easiest herbs and spices to grow are:

  • Mint - This herb will spread like wildfire in your garden, even if you neglect it for a few weeks, which can make it hard to control. However, that isn't a bad thing! You can easily pick all the extra herbs and freeze them for later use. Mint loves moist (not soggy) soil and can easily bounce back from a small drought period. Thi plant will need full or partial sunlight to excel!
  • Thyme - If there were ever a more tolerant plant, it would be Thyme! This plant can be mowed over, stepped on, etc and it will still come back thriving. As long as this plant has lots of sunlight, it can grow in the most inept conditions. 
  • Basil - Who doesn't love fresh basil? This plant is popular and easy to grow, which means you'll have lots of aromatic leaves to use in your favorite dishes. Plant this herb in small containers or in the ground, and be ready for this fast-growing herb to grace your dinner table. It's suggested that you trim the tops once the plant is 6 inches high, to prevent flowers from budding and detracting from the flavor.

Herb gardens are great for the warmer months. Gardening may seem like a difficult feat, but once you know which herbs are the easiest to grow, you'll be a pro in no time!

herbs to grow in your apartment


Not many people know about the croton plant. 

These plants are great for apartments because they'll thrive both indoors and outdoors. That said, they love the space and sunlight that they can get on your patio, so they'll be more impressive when they're outside. 

These plants are sturdy enough for beginners. They're great for adding color to your patio year-round. Their leaves range in color from vivid oranges to muted greens. 

Croton has minimal watering needs, so it's best to keep it under an overhang when it rains. 


Caladium is perfect for apartment dwellers in relatively warm climates (like you)! While they don't thrive in cold temperatures, they will thrive as soon as the weather gets hot. 

They have beautiful leaves with red veins. They don't attract pests, and they prefer minimal watering. Any gardening beginners will love this plant. 



So what if you want flowers?

While many flowers can thrive on patios, not all of them are beginner-friendly. Begonias are a beautiful exception. 

They tolerate a wide variety of conditions. They do well in the sun, and in the shade, so you don't have to worry about them underneath an overhang. If you're forgetful, these plants can also tolerate drought. 


Best Plants for Complete Beginners 

So what if you've never had a plant before? What if every time you try to plant a garden, nothing grows? Don't worry; we have plants for that too.

Here are a few apartment-friendly easy plants to care for. 



You can't go wrong with succulents. Many people consider them impossible to kill, and there's some truth to that. The best way to grow a succulent is to forget that it exists. 

Many succulents like a lot of light, so these are best for windowsills or bright patio areas. You can grow low-light succulents as well if you want to keep them indoors.

The main thing to remember about succulents is they don't need a lot of water. Over-watering is the primary way to kill succulents. 



Monstera plants are popular on social media. They look complicated, but in reality, these giant plants are perfect for apartment-dwelling plant newbies. 

These plants are best for medium or high-light conditions, so place them near windows. While they can get huge, they grow slowly, so either buy a large one or be ready to exercise some patience. 

Water them when the soil feels dry and otherwise leave them alone. 


Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are beautiful plants that tolerate indoor environments. As long as you have a large enough pot, they can grow almost anywhere. 

These dark green plants sprout beautiful white flowers when they're in good health. The best thing about them, for beginners, is that they let you know when they need water.

Their leaves will droop to alert you and stiffen back up when they're hydrated!

apartments plants to care for

How Do I Choose A Plant for My Apartment?

You might think that apartment living makes gardening impossible, but it isn't true. Why not add one of these best plants for apartments to your plant collection? Finding easy-to-care-for plants is, well, easy! Start by assessing your living arrangements. How much light will the plants get? Do you have a patio/balcony to put them on during the day so they can get adequate sunlight? Once you know the environment better, you can then choose a plant that will best thrive in that environment! 

Use our blog as a guide and before you know it, you'll have your own personal patio garden or indoor jungle. 

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